Creative workshops

Join us for a captivating journey into the world of paper!

Give free rein to your creativity and dive into an enchanting universe where paper becomes the magic tool of decoration. Our creative workshops invite you to explore the endless possibilities offered by paper, flowers, foliage and origami to transform your living space into a true artistic masterpiece.

Whether you are passionate about interior decoration , DIY (Do It Yourself) or simply looking for a fun and inspiring activity , our workshops are designed for different levels and ages. No need to be an expert craftsman, Eva will guide you step by step in creating beautiful pieces.

During our workshops, you will discover the basic techniques of origami , the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, as well as paper shaping techniques to create delicate flowers, realistic foliage and original patterns. . You will learn how to select the best papers, master folds and shapes, and bring to life unique creations that will brighten up your interior.

Our workshops cover a wide range of projects , from dazzling floral arrangements to artistic paper garlands to fairytale hanging mobiles . Whether it's sprucing up your home, planning a party, or giving a personalized gift, you'll walk away with practical skills and artwork you'll be proud to share.

By participating in our workshops, you will benefit from an immersive and friendly experience. You will have the opportunity to exchange with other enthusiasts, to learn tips and advice and to experience moments of relaxation and pleasure in the midst of an inspiring environment.