Cykl Essentia has been offering handmade paper decoration items since 2022, with clean and elegant designs. Floral arrangements and wall decorations . Personalized and bespoke orders are offered for unique gifts and events . Its name refers to the materials used which are recyclable or recycled and which feed an essential cycle. It is a mixture of Polish and Latin which represents the DNA of its founder Eva Gorszczyk .

Eva is a multidisciplinary artist born in France and of Polish origin, passionate about paper. After many moves during her life, Elle has developed a passion for imagining and finding ways to make a place welcoming, harmonious and rejuvenating. She likes to imagine everyday life and appreciate the simple and beautiful little things in life. His inspirations come mainly from Scandinavian countries and Japan , for the refinement and harmony that emerges from their way of life and their style of decoration.

The Cykl Essentia project was born as a no-brainer after years of artistic practice, a pandemic and paper flower formation. It allows Eva to bring together all her fundamental values ​​and share the fruit of her creativity while helping to reduce plastic waste thanks to an alternative offer that is more respectful of humans and nature.

Cykl Essentia aims to embellish everyday life in a poetic way and to promote paper as a sustainable material in the field of interior decoration.